Who We Are

At Echelon, our mission is to build a bridge between students in Asia and the world’s brightest educators so students can excel.

Echelon is an online education platform connecting students to top tutors and admissions mentors from the world’s best universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, and more.

Jared, CEO

Yale University
4 years of tutoring and admissions mentoring experience

William, COO

Indiana University
2 years of tutoring experience

Grace, Head of Learning

University of Michigan
5 years of career counseling and admissions mentoring experience

Collectively, the team at Echelon received our education both in Asia and from top universities in the U.S. like Yale University. We have years of work experience in tutoring agencies, private tutoring and education consulting, international schools in Asia, and technology startups. So we understand the educational needs of students and the technological requirements to make teaching and learning online effective.

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Echelon Team

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Echelon is the platform for learning from the world’s best. Here’s what makes us different:

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All of our tutors come from the world's best universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, and more


Learn online from home, and our virtual classroom will track your progress, schedule, and homework.

Admissions Secrets

Get the secrets on how to get into the world’s most elite universities from our Ivy League mentors.

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