Frequently Asked Questions

What is Echelon Prep?

We started Echelon Prep because we see there is a need in Asia for a very good native English speaking instructors who can help students to improve their school grades as well as preparing them to enroll in US or UK’s top universities. Our co-founder, Jared Baragar, as an Ivy League graduate also sees there was so much misinformation from local education agency who sometimes share incorrect information as to how to get into top universities. Here at Echelon, we stand to become the platform the deliver the most accurate and up to date information on how to prepare yourself to apply to top US and UK universities as our mentors are either students or graduate from these universities as well. Therefore, Echelon offers tutoring for school subjects, exam preparation such as SAT/ACT/TOEFL, and university admission counseling.Students can learn online with our selected tutors from these universities using our advanced online virtual classroom where they can chat with audio and video, write math/science functions, share documents, and learn online from the best.

What kind of services do you provide?

  1. 1:1 High School Tutoring (All subjects and tests)
  2. College Admission Counseling
  3. English Conversation / Debate
  4. English proofreading/ Essay writing
  5. English Presentation / Interview Preparation

How are the tutors get selected and monitored?

We carefully reviewed each tutor’s application and verify with the current university to ensure the tutor’s current and past enrollment with the university. Then, we consistently monitor the quality of our tutoring session and immediately investigate if a tutor receive below 4.0/5.0 star ratings. We let go the tutors who consistently receive below 4.0 star ratings to maintain our quality and provide the best learning experience for our students.

How do I use the online classroom?

After creating your Echelon account, you will be matched up with a tutor and the tutor will contact you to schedule a class time. Once the time is set, the virtual classroom will be created for you and your tutor. The step by step instruction will be emailed to you.

Why should I take AP or SAT II tests?

This Subject Test scores are reflected in benefits to the US college entrance examination scores are recognized by AP credit at many universities, you will also receive the benefits of early graduation. This test is recognized as the experience of student performance in Korea it will take action to benefit when the college entrance examination frequent screening.

What materials do the tutors use to do SAT/ACT prep?

The tutor will diagnose the student’s strengths and weaknesses and decide on which materials are suited for the student. The instruction will be consisted with both lessons on the concepts and the real past tests reviews.

When should I start SAT/ACT prep and will the tutors tell me which test is right for me?

SAT and ACT are different in terms of the structure of the test. SAT has reading, writing, and math while ACT has Math, Science, English, Reading, and writing (optional). For those who are stronger in math and science, ACT would be more suitable for him/her since it is more heavy on math and science. But for those who has better reading and writing skill in English, SAT might be more suitable. We believe that as non-native English speaker, it is better to prepare between 6-9 months before the test, depending on the student’s English speaking or writing skill.

Can the tutors help my child to prepare for other tests? AMC 8/10/12

Yes, Please contact headquarter for an available tutor.

What does unversity admission include?

The university admission includes,

  1. College selection plan, Our admission mentors help explain the US universities’ strengths and cultures in different universities in the US to help student get better understanding which university he or she should apply to.
  2. Strengths finder, Our mentor tried to dig and understand the student’s strength and help brainstorm which specific strength and achievement he or she should exhibit to have better chance of admission.
  3. University Essay Revision, Our admission mentors help revise essays for the common app and university specific essay questions. Please note that this revision takes back and forth between students and tutors and the time needed to review and revise the essays depends on the students’ writing.
  4. Resume building, Our admission mentors help build the student’s resume to display their strength and make it more appealing from the University admission point of view.

Can we change the tutor after one session if we want to try with a different tutor?

Yes you can. If you are not satisfied with your tutor, we have a switch tutor button in your student lobby that automatically connects you to a different tutor or if you have specific request, feel free to let us know and email us at and we will find a tutor that suits your need.

How does subscription plan work?

With subscription plan, you can keep tutoring without having to worry running out of hours. Once you subscribe to a plan, your hours will be renewed automatically every month and you never lose your hours.

Do we need to spend all the hours in a month?

No. you are free to spend your hours however you want and even if you have leftover hours, you can use them in the following months.

Do I have to stay with the same tutor each month?

We allow you to switch to a different tutor. We suggest however, that you stick with a certain tutor if you are satisfied with him or her.

Can we use bank transfer instead of credit card?

For the time being, we only accept payment with credit card.

Will I get discount if I sign up for more?

Please email us your request to and we might have promo code for further discount.

What is the refund policy?

We allow refund only for extraordinary circumstances. If you want to pause tutoring for the time being, you can go to your profile and click pause subscription under billing and you won’t be charged.